2017 Fall Season starts August 22 with practice at Heurich Field

2017 Fall Campaign Begins!

PERC, I hope you have all had a great summer playing 7’s, running hills, and picking up heavy things and putting them down. Simply put, I hope you are fit as our first game is a friendly match 8/26 vs the Lancaster Roses. The first practice of the fall campaign is 8/22 8:30-10:30 at Huerich Park. We will be practicing here for the rest of the season. This pitch is easily accessible via metro, Green Line West Hyattsville Metro Station, or by car. In fact, save gas and carpool with that guy that you are always saying you will bring out!  Please contact Mike Minchik (minchikm@gmail.com) if you need help with any rides.
As always we will be fielding two sides, but there has been a change this year in that our D3 side has bumped up to D2. With our second side bumping up a division, we are expecting a higher level of opponent so be ready for better competition.  This also means we will have plenty of rugby to play for everyone on the team.
You can find the updated game schedule here on our team website:
Any players new to the club please check out our new player information page:
Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday!