Potomac Exiles D3 Take the Day Against First Ranked Western Suburbs: 19-12

As all of us know Saturday is a rugby day, and to kick off the 2017 spring season the PERC D3 side took on Western Suburbs RFC. This game was a great early test for the D3 side, as they sought revenge for a close loss to Western Suburbs last fall. Strong tackling and overall effort throughout out the side led to the victory, but the staggering defense of Bill Whalen, Jon Strope, Alex Campbell, and Jim Skehan were the backbone of the team’s win. Great communication through the fullback, Kenny Rothmann, organized the side’s defensive stands.

Proving to be a full team effort, a variety of players scored from both the pack and the backs. Leading it of was Rothmann with a pick and go after swinging the ball out wide to the wing. Next on the sheet was Ballah Booakai out wide after several phases and a well-executed arrow roll at the 40 minute mark ending half. Tanner, surprisingly enough, made a heads up play after the ball popped out of an opponent’s ruck that was on the opponents goal line and was able to secure the ball and score from a couple meters out. Number 10 J’Son Townes was 2 of 3 for conversions and missed a penalty kick right after making a comment how he was for sure going to make it.

In the second match of the day, a motley mostly-PERC side took on a young and athletic UMD team. It was a sloppy but fun match, with a handful of D1 regulars playing new positions, some D3 Exiles’ and Western Suburbs’ reserves teaming up to give UMD a match. In the end, youth beat experience as Maryland scored a few long tries off of drops and mishandles from the Motely Crue.

All in all, a great day for PERC!

-Keegan Downey