D3 Carries Momentum in 17-11 Win

With the D1 on bye, the D3 side represented at home in a 17-11 win over Quantico. Featuring a bend-don’t-break defense, Potomac surrendered two penalty kicks early in the match to spot the visitors a 6-0 lead. Settling into the match, Potomac marched the ball down the field to earn a lineout on the Quantico 5. The forwards mauled it in, with prop Steve Nabors dotting down the score. Scrum half Jon Furman, one of several new players with a strong performance, followed that up with another try for the home team. The Quantico defense shaded too far over to defend the forward pod and Furman took advantage with the pick across the goal line.

After a shaky start, the forwards picked up momentum in the scrums as the match wore on, stealing opposition ball and setting a strong platform for offensive possession. Potomac would allow another try as Quantico tried to battle back, but Jake Sprang came off the bench to seal the victory with an 8 man pick and score.

Man of the Match: Jon Strope

In just the second game of his career, Strope made a big impact in the win. The big lock executed a new play off the lineout to the tune of a 50M run and had some other notable runs throughout the day.

Shoutout to ageless wonder Ed Sharkey who dominated the breakdown and would have had some big steals throughout the day if “the ref wasn’t garbage” (according to my ace scouting department). Another new player, Alec Richards, had a strong day at hooker, stealing opposition ball.