Potomac Exiles Back on Track; Defeat Baltimore

The Potomac Exiles defeated Baltimore-Chesapeake 31-26 in a potential MAC playoff preview. After an early try to the opposing 12, Potomac bounced back, determined not to start the year with back-to-back losses.

Winger Aki Raymond exploded through the line to center the Exiles’ first try, which fly half Conor Mannix converted. Raymond followed up the score with another in the corner for the early 12-5 lead.

After consistent and sustained possession, a Potomac miscue would allow a soft Baltimore try to the eight-man, allowing Baltimore to tie the game at 12. In the last play before half, some nifty passing in the corner freed up winger Chris Frazier, and scrum half Chris Saint nailed the conversion for the 19-12 lead heading into halftime.

The score held for the first ten back-and-forth minutes before Baltimore broke through for a converted try to tie the game at 19 all. The score held for over ten minutes when some sustained Potomac possession resulted in prop Robert Garvis barreling across the try line to put the home team back on top.

A clever assist from fullback Trevor Tanifum put Frazier through for his second try to essentially seal the game with four minutes left. Baltimore put one down with no time to tighten the final score, 31-26.

The Exiles’ B-side won in a romp that featured long runs from Iseijah “Juice” Allen, Mark McKinnon, Tyler Eure and Rob Newcomb, as well as some flawless execution of the maps.